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The best Digimon RPG Game! DBA Arcane Secret........

Warning !!

This blog contain a lot hidden secret of Digimon Brawl Arena.Not simple guide!
Digimon brawl arena is a happy rpg game aim for "just have fun",these hidden feature is to surprise player when they done that unexpectedly.
Enjoy the map.Don't always make secret digimon, maybe you can discover new secret :) 

Guide to Gear Upgrade cleave item.

Gear Upgrade is an idea from "One Piece".Luffy Gear 1,Gear 2,Gear 3.
You can do this in DBA.However,less people know this secret.
You're lucky today,here your new year gift.
Happy New Year my dear friend.

Gear Upgrade can occur in following item.
ChainSaw   -  Gear One > Gear Second 
ScisserJaw  -Gear One > Gear Second > Gear Third > Gear Four 
Tri-Force - Gear One > Gear Second > Gear Third
.▲ ▲ 

Guide to gear upgrading.
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Sorry Squitxl

This just a private blog for my friend so your secret won't expose to everyone.

And i added selected member feature to this blog.

Stop kicking my ass... lol

Upgraded Sharingan

Sharingan is an item , did you notice some player get a upgraded version of sharingan ?

How to do this ?
Get a Sharingan first,then type "kakashi", now your sharingan should upgraded into Mangekyo Sharingan.

Ultimate Mangekyo Sharingan.
only selected member can look at this

Gaming Guide

There 2 mode, "Peace" and "Fight".
Peace : Don't KS, Don't Kill Hero , until certain level.
Fight : Get ready to mad on kill stealing and fighting.
These mode is specified by player, and need other team to accept it..

The very first training spot was only 1st and 3rd circle,a total of 6 monster available.

First you need to earn 500gold by killing monster to buy your 1st DNA at Baby Shop.
After that,you can do what you like.

Item play an important role for the game. Here some featured item pack.
It is recommended to get Set A in early game. 

Set A ( Cheap)
1-Healing Code = Regen Health
2-Virus Code = Life steal
3-Fire Spark = Splash
4-Lucky Bitman Feet   = Move Speed
5-Tri-blade = Cleave(Cheap)   

After you get Set A, it is easier for leveling.

Have fun.

Location of Boss & Item Dropped by boss.

Location of Boss & Item Dropped by boss.

Item Reward Hidden Boss:
Omekamon ( stay in west of the map,break the door at the map middle and enter)
-Divine Rapier

Omekamon X ( spawn after omekamon died at same location)
-Divine Rapier

Pharaomon( enter sand ruin at east of the map )
-Mummy Summon Machine

Hi-Andromon ( enter dum dum factory at top right corner of the map)

End Game Boss:
Omnimon ( enter middle top portal at leafmon area.)
Just kill him he is corrupted and not holy knight.

Spawn after Omnimon died at middle of the map

Kill him and you win.

Yggdrasil(Digimon God)
Kill him with virus digimon and dooms the world.
How to spawn it only selected member can look on this.

Bonus:Yggdrasil stat: 150,000. When he's remain red HP, 12 royal knight will spawn out(Omnimon is dead) each with 50k stat.Then Yggdrasil armor become invulnerable until all royal knight died.He is located at west of dum dum factory the area with some weird symbols.

Note: Unless you're very strong, or don't spawn out yggdrasil.Because once he's spawned,killing Armagemon won't end the game.

Super Hidden Boss ( look quest )
Barbamon Godmode
-Death Lune

-God Head 

-Pheonix Feather ( used to evolve a digimon)

Numemon King
-Gain swimming ability

Jogress Evolution FULL Description

Angemon + Devimon = Lucemon Falldown Mode
Lucemon Falldown Mode
Bakemon + Wizarmon = Phantomon
Devimon + Meramon = Phantomon
XVmon + Stingmon = Paildramon
Tailmon + Greymon = Dinobeemon
War Greymon + Metal Garurumon = Omnimon
War Greymon X + Metal Garurumon X = Omnimon X
Tailmon + Hawkmon = Silphymon
Wizarmon + Veemon = Silphymon

This is not a joke - The After Jogress Evolution
-Lucemon Falldown Mode can evolve into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode,
and i don't mind let you know, Shadowlord mode can still evolve.
-Silphymon evolve into Valkyrimon

Omnimon X

Professional Gaming Guide

Digimon Brawl Arena is a warcraft III base - digimon arena/rpg type map.
To play this map, you must understand what is digimon.

Digimon is some monster that can occur evolution.From baby into ultimate.

Here the evolution line for most digimon,start from:
 baby 2

Have fun :D        

Thanks to map creator Squitxl for his awesome map.